Beep is a robot from the stars. Mort is a cuddly resident of Mollyvale. Although they come from worlds apart, they’re the best of friends together. Join them on some action-packed adventures with their quirky and lovable community of friends, family and fuzzles.

Meet your new besties


A pre-teen of Mollyvale with a musical streak and some seriously fabulous boots.

The Twins

Excitable and inseparable, the Twins are a true double act that often finish each other’s sentences. They like to keep a keen eye over all the happenings in Mollyvale.


Raf is the family dog. He’s a loyal companion who loves life, food, fuzzles and naps. Raf is not so keen on storms and loud noises… but it’s nothing a cuddle won’t fix.


Super friendly, Robin is kind, gentle and always up for a chat. He’s the village thespian and librarian.


Bright and bursting with energy, Dustin zooms around Mollyvale, always with a smile on his face.


Pop is an agent of chaos! A big-picture thinker, she is always cooking up plans which sometimes come unstuck. Most of all, Pop has a heart of gold.


Beep is a robot from outer space. Analytical and curious, she loves to discover new things. Her spaceship contains all sorts of technological gadgets.


Mort is an inventor, a problem solver and above all, a good friend. His calm and thoughtful nature often saves the day.

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe is a master storyteller, cook, banjo player and caregiver. Hilarious and full of beans, he’s always up for a bit of fun.


Mae is a serial hobbyist, from surfing, to painting, to power walking. Mae is always there to lend a gentle ear or a word of wisdom.


A grassy mound who travels underground and can pop up anywhere in Mollyvale. A little anxious and easily confused, Russell has an extremely short memory.


Salt of the earth, friendly sea captain. Always keen for a sea-faring adventure on his fish-feeding boat or to break out the hi-vis vest when there’s work to be done.


Down at the Mollyport, you’ll find Glenda and her store, stacked full supplies including delicious mollypops, treats and trinkets for trading.


Gentle, polite and a wonderful singer, you’ll often find Olive with a blankie in hand, looking for ways to make everyone’s day a little bit brighter.


Buttoned up and considered, he is one of the cruisier members of Mollyvale. Loves books and good (quiet) fun.


A giggly butterfly critter, always buzzing with excitement.


Mollyport lighthouse keeper and Merfee’s mum, Merma loves the ocean and welcomes each day with a smile. Like the sea, she holds endless wisdom.


Lighthouse keeper in-training. Super laid-back, she loves dancing with the tides and exploring the rock pools for seashell treasures.


Chill teen and Mollyport lifeguard, Axol loves soaking up sun, and watching over the beach to keep everyone safe.


Curious and calm, Pip is as cool as a cucumber but she’ll always go along with whatever big plan Pop has in store.

Mama Cloud

Watches lovingly over Mollyvale, occasionally serenading the village with her beautiful songs.

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